Wednesday, November 02, 2005

That's What it's All About

Nope. Not writing about the Hokey Pokey. I encourage you to check out Astryngia's posting on what it means to be the mother of an Aspie - or any special needs child for that matter, on the spectrum or any other need.

It is taken from an article that she read, wherein another Aspie mom is talking about her child and the difficulties and joys and experiences of raising her child. In this particular posting, this mother speaks to how Asperger's really affects mothering: to watch your child for the wonderful things that s/he does and to praise them and love them for it; to expect the best from your child, even if it is the tiniest of accomplishments; to expect the worst and to love your child even moreso; to ignore the unimportant, irrelevant, sometimes annoying and irritable things that come with ASD and to - guess what - work on the big important stuff and to love them anyway.

It's truly an inspiring post. Please pop on by and take a quick read. I promise it will be worth your while.

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