Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wednesday Wist

Now I can't promise this every Wednesday, since I've been promising Amy I'd do this for a month and am just getting to it now. This came from her site. Jump in and see if you like it. Here's how:

So how do you participate in Wednesday Wist? You take your ipod, winamp, windows media player, mp3 player, itunes player..whatever you use. Put it on shuffle. Grab the first 5 songs and write what that song makes you remember. If it’s a new song…and you can’t relate it to a memory….do you like it? Leave me a comment if you do it on your site and if you don’t have a site, comment what you would leave if you did have one. Oh…and feel free to comment about my songs as well!!!<br>
Ok, so here's mine - weird combination. I don't have an anything shuffle, so theser are really the last five songs I heard yesterday:

455 Rocket - Kathy Mattea
In my 455 Rocket
The biggest block alive
I couldn't hardly wait just to take my turn.
Cuz she was made for the straightaways
She grew up hatin' Chevrolets
She's a rocket, she was made to burn.

This is just a fun fun song. Makes me think about summertime and fast cars and a girl showing up a guy who thinks he's all that cuz he's got a fast car. And, of course, car going buh-bye to the great junkyard in the sky.

Mercedes Benz - Janis Joplin

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?
My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends.
Worked hard all my lifetime with no help from my friends,
So oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Gotta love the car theme here, huh? Not only is this a fun song, but it makes me feel like I'm not the only selfish-hey-I've-worked-my-ass-off-I-want-something-of-mine-now kind of person. I mean come ON...we all have days when we feel, " now where's my piece of the pie?"

Sugar We're Going Down - Fallout Boy

We're going down down to an earlier round
And Sugar, we're going down swinging
I'll be your number one with a bullet
A loaded God complex, just cock it and pull it.

( I LOVE when my font & color change on their own)

This song doesn't have any particular meaning to me, it's just one of the ones that my kids play over and over and over and I get stuck in my head from time to time. The really funny thing is that when my kids aren't with me and one of "their songs" comes on, it always makes me think of them and I listen to the song even if it's not one I like.

Southern Cross - (as done by Jimmy Buffett)

When you see the southern cross for the first time
You understand now why you came this way
Cuz the truth you might be runnin' from is so small
But it's as big as the promise
The promise of a coming day

We usually listen to the CSN version, but PC got me a Buffett CD for my birthday, so that was the last one I heard. I LOVE this song. I mean, look at just that verse. It's so powerful. To me, it says, listen, you may have things that are troubling you that are so minor that no one else could give it a second thought. To you, however, it's HUGE. The harmonies on this song are fantastic too!

Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters

Lookin' for the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life,
Looking for something to help me burn out right.
I'm looking for a complication
Looking cause I'm tired of life.
Make my way back home
And learn to fly.

Again, a kid song (this one is more LargeBoy's), but still a song that says to me, "yep, you're not the only person who's fed up and frustrated sometimes." Need to learn to fly to get through all the things that make me just that little bit insane or frustrated every now and then.

Ok - your turn. You don't need to add pics, I just did cuz it looked fun.

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