Friday, November 04, 2005

My Guest Blogger

Tonight I have a very very special guest blogger for you. My very own SmallBoy would like to say hello! Go for it SmallBoy!

Hello, "I am SmallBoy."

You are invited to be part of Team SmallBoy. Team SmallBoy is all of the people who love me and help me and who all understand Asperger's. I am going to make my own blog which is about me. I'll have my mom link it when I finish this post (and I set it up).

On my blog you will see everything I have in my life. (from mom: from the point of view of an Aspie) Thank you for reading and I hope that you will visit my blog after it is all set up.

Update: we are in the process of constructing Team SmallBoy. Please feel free to stop in and say hi. I will let you know here when we are completely finished, but I'm sure that SmallBoy would LOVE to hear from you before then.


marti (standing still for once) said...

Hello, SmallBoy.
My name is Marti. If I've got all of this straight, your Mom is married to my 2nd cousin once removed. HUH???? In fact, your step-dad (I think Mom calls him PC on her blog)had a Gramma, and her name was Marti (Martha actually), and I was named after her. She and my most favorite Gramma were sisters. So, in a way, you and I are RELATED! I have a son with Aspergers, and he is 10-years old and goes to 4th grade. I was so pleased to "meet" your Mom on-line after PCs Mom introduced us (on-line, isn't that cool?). I look forward to reading your blog. I will introduce you to "Child" (that is what I call my son on my blog). I hope you have a good weekend. I have to go now. It is time to get "Child" up for his morning of cello lessons. Bye bye! --Your "cousin" Marti

mommyguilt said...

Thanks, Marti -

SmallBoy was so excited to read that this morning. He can't wait to meet Child. I didn't realize there was actually a relation there. All I remember of the story is that you were named for MIL's mom. VERY cool! Nice to know I have a cuz-in-law (even if it is "removed" out there and on the same wavelength).

marti said...

While raking this afternoon, my mind was drifting around and around about how we're connected.. Okay, my dad and your MIL are 1st cousins (her mom and his mom, sisters ... they had another sibling ... a bro' living in NY, who passed in the past year) ... in fact, MIL was in my parents wedding (I have the cutest b/w photo of her in 1956). So, that makes me MIL's 1st cousin once removed, and PC is my 2nd cousin (but I do not think I've ever met either of the MIL's two sons ... seen photos in xmas cards). That makes SmallBoy and Child 3rd cousins (by marriage, but who's counting), and you and me 2nd cousins (by marriage). Whew. I like the way the Greeks do it ... we're ALL cousins.

mommyguilt said...

That is awesome! Maybe we'll all have to have a family reunion!!!! I'll see if I can find some pics from our wedding to email to was just last new year's.